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Here are some of my projects.

Interlocked Marble Race, a Mechanical Prisoner's Dilemma Puzzle


Parse::Gnaw, An extensible parser written in perl. Parse text in memory or from streams.

Newton and the Pshooter Gang, A complete introduction to all the basics of Newtonian physics in about 50 pages. The only prerequisite is understanding a bit of basic algebra. Covers Newton's three laws of motion, momentum, force accelerating a mass, work, energy, power, conservation of energy, elastic and inelastic collisions, and inertial frames. Contains bonus material, but all the basics are covered in about fifty pages.

The Tumbleweed. Can a vehicle travel directly downwind faster than the wind? A sailboat cannot. But other vehicles can. You just have to design the vehicle to be like a block and tackle and leverage the wind against the ground. A complete explanation of the theory of how it works.

Libre Labyrinth , Navigating the Maze of Free and NonFree Licenses.

Saving Wikipedia, Scaling Wikipedia , How to redesign wikipedia's rules so that it can scale as its user base continues to grow.

Bounty Hunters, Map Makers, and Gold Miners. Metaphors for creating fair Intellectual Property laws.

Hunger Pangs is a military science fiction novel that I wrote.

CourageVow.com is another website I created.

In October 2004, I attended Viable Paradise, a science fiction and fantasy writers workshop. It was very cool, well worth the time and money. I liked it so much, I attended it again in October 2006. I highly recommend it to any science fiction and fantasy writers out there.

While working as an electrical engineer, I discovered a most useful programming language called Perl. I ended up buying and reading a multitude of books to learn the language and still had to find some Perl experts to ask them questions from time to time. At a point where I finally felt like I had some mastery over the language, I decided to write a Perl training manual for someone who needed to learn perl but didn't want to purchase a library of books. "Impatient Perl" is the result of that work. You can read/download the entire document for free. I also offer a paperback version if you'd like something nicely bound and readable.

I wrote a document about Open Source and Copyright Law. It's pretty rough, and needs a rewrite, but it's got some interesting bits in it. My favorite is probably the diagram called "The Limit of Public Good Regarding Intellectual Property Law". I think it puts a number of laws and practices into a single, objective perspective. It's in section 2.8 if you're interested. I should probably come up with a graphic icon for it as well, but I haven't just yet. Maybe during the rewrite.

Drafting the Gift Domain: Applying Open Content to the Law

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